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The EU is striving for a green growth model to reduce fossil fuel reliance, especially highlighted by the Ukraine conflict. Our partner from CEPS, Vasileios Rizos, in a recent article titled “The need for comprehensive classification frameworks for forms of green work and skills” and published on RAWMATHUB.GR, stresses the need for a skilled workforce for this transition. However, the lack of clear definitions for “green work” and “sustainable employment” poses a challenge to policy formulation. Efforts are needed to establish clear taxonomy frameworks for green jobs, incorporating social dimensions and adapting to labor market changes spurred by both green and digital transitions. While countries propose green job strategies, they often focus narrowly on industries, overlooking broader impacts and the need to protect vulnerable groups. These insights stem from a CEPS study produced under the framework of our project, TransEuroWorks, and authored by Vasileios Rizos, Patricia Urban, Alexandre Ounnas, Amin Kassab, and Hayk Kalantaryan.

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Read the full working paper:“Jobs for the green transition: definitions, classifications and emerging trends”

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