TransEuroWorkS Conceptual Framework Paper on the Combined Effects of the Green Transition, Digitalisation and Migration

This paper explores the interconnected nature of three significant structural changes affecting the European labour market: the green transition, digitalization, and workforce internationalization.

The research introduces a new theoretical framework for analysing how these transformations are interrelated and how they might impact social protection schemes, both nationally and across the European Union. While prior studies have examined the effects of these changes individually, this paper offers a unified perspective: it highlights the potential for these combined factors to create new political coalitions that support joint policy responses at the transnational and supranational levels.

Through analysis of perceived labour market risks and evolving skill requirements for workers, the paper explores possibilities for strengthening social protection policies within the EU. Moreover, it suggests that framing labour market challenges as transnational issues could foster greater support for solutions enacted at the EU level compared to solely national measures.

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