A Spotlight on the European Social Charter

The European Social Charter, a vital Council of Europe treaty, stands as a beacon for fundamental social and economic rights. While the European Convention on Human Rights primarily addresses civil and political rights, the Charter broadens the scope to include essential aspects of daily life.

The TransEuroWorkS initiative, characterised by its innovative, multi-disciplinary approach, conducts rigorous analysis and offers policy recommendations. By integrating diverse fields of study and considering various levels of governance, TransEuroWorkS proactively addresses the profound changes occurring in the labor market and the broader European context. Their work extends to shaping social protection policies at both national and European Union (EU) levels, ensuring a more resilient and equitable Europe for all.

As Europe’s “Social Constitution,” the European Social Charter remains a cornerstone of the continent’s human rights architecture. Its impact extends beyond national borders, serving as a reference point even in European Union law. TransEuroWorkS continues to champion these rights, fostering a future where social protection adapts to the evolving landscape of work.

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