TransEuroWorkS working paper on Artificial Intelligence and Political Behavior

Our partner from the University of Barcelona has produced a very interesting working paper that touches on a very topical issue: the experience with ChatGPT.

This paper seeks to explore the relationship between exposure to artificial intelligence (AI) technology and attitudes towards populism and demand for redistribution. Theoretically, it is hypothesized that exposure to AI may result in individuals experiencing anxiety about their future status and, as a result, increasingly favor populist attitudes and are more likely to reject redistribution.

To test this, our researchers have conducted a pre-registered online survey experiment, involving 752 participants who were split into three groups: those who had a free interaction with ChatGPT, those who watched an informational video about GPT and generative AI, and a control group. The study finds evidence regarding populist attitudes which partly increase after being exposed to AI, but no effect on redistribution support. Furthermore, heterogeneity analysis provides evidence concerning different characteristics such as personality, age, and occupational risk.

Read the full report here!

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