TransEuroWorkS at the WeLaR project workshop

On November 24th, our partner Patricia Urban from CEPS – Centre for European Policy Studies, presented one of the insightful working papers produced within the TransEuroWorkS project during an event organised by WeLaR. The European Project proposed a hybrid workshop focused on labour market supply. More specifically, the experts were invited to discuss which policies encourage labour market participation and what to do to ensure that no workers are left behind.

The TransEuroWorkS working paper presented is titled Jobs for the green transition: definitions, classifications and emerging trends, which explores how in recent years, the concept of green jobs has been the focus of increasing attention from both policy and research circles. The green transition is viewed as a chance to generate jobs in both established and new economic sectors at the EU policy level. The policy debate is also emphasizing more and more the necessity of re- and up-skilling workers to achieve a socially just green and digital transition.

Read more about our project here!

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