Kick-off meeting in Leiden

TransEuroWorkS Kick-off meeting in Leiden

The TransEuroWorks project was officially launched on January 18 at Leiden University. Horizon Europe, the main EU funding initiative for research and innovation, provided funds for the 48-month TransEuroWorkS project. €3.4 million was granted to the project to conduct cutting-edge, multidisciplinary, and multi-level research on the future of work in Europe and to offer policy proposals for social protection in an evolving labor market.

Under the direction of the project coordinator Leiden University and with the involvement of the stakeholders, consortium partners from 8 different countries in Europe presented plans for the project’s upcoming phases and exchanged ideas on how to cooperate together to put these objectives into action in the near future.

The project’s stakeholders also are crucial in enhancing the research process and extending the project’s reach by providing additional input and backing.

The main aim of the project is to understand ongoing structural changes in European labor markets in recent decades, including digitalization, automation, the internationalization of the workforce, and the green transition, and to develop policy recommendations for governments aiming to provide adequate social protection in the face of these changes. Gender inequality, immigration, care duties, work-life balance, health and energy crises, and the impact of decarbonization and technological change on job growth and decline are just a few of the main challenges affecting labor markets. Whether and how national and EU-level policies mediate the effects of these transformations will profoundly impact the future of European societies and politics.

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