Speech by Commissioner Schmit at the Port Social Forum 2023

On May 2023, the European Commissioner for Labour and Social Rights, Nicola Schmit, delivered a discourse at the Social Forum held in Porto. During his speech, among the various topic treated, he also spoke of how crucial it is for Europe to focus more and more on increasingly inclusive labour and social policies and to support all European citizens and beyond.

Two significant outcomes came from the edition held in Porto in 2021 as well: the Porto Social Commitment Partners recognized the value of the European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR) Action Plan and identified priorities and objectives in response to the anticipated post-Covid economic recovery, and the Porto Declaration set the strategic priorities for the EPSR’s implementation across the EU.

Three major topics are covered in the edition of 2023: the European Year of Skills, whose objective is to support Member States’ efforts to promote skills and continuous education while highlighting the digital transition; the strengthening of the role of the European Union as an important player in our continent and the world at large, especially the significance of restating the values of Social Europe and the accomplishments of all the Member States in terms of employment, social protection, and equal opportunity. Last but not least, the impact of the Covid epidemic and the turmoil in Ukraine has highlighted the crucial role of solid social policies, also from a work point of you, and the function of civic society.

In this context, the TransEuroWorkS, too, through its innovative, multi-disciplinary, and multi-level research project aims to do its part by providing analysis and policy recommendations for the future world of European work and social protection.

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