TransEuroWorkS at the final conference EuSocialCIT project

Amsterdam, January 18, 2024 – Leading academics from Leiden University presented an inspiring session titled “Policy Responses to Labour Market Risks on the Combined Effects of the Green Transition, Digitalization, and Migration” at the final conference of the EuSocialCIT project “Future of European Social Citizenship Conference” held at the University of Amsterdam.

Some of our renowned partners including Daniel Fernandes, Anna-Lena Nadler, Briitta van Staalduinen, Eduard Suari-Andreu, and Olaf van Vliet converged to deepen the complexities of labor market risks amidst the sweeping changes generated by the Green Transition, Digitalization, and Migration, and the multifaceted challenges facing European social citizenship, offering valuable insights and policy prescriptions to navigate the evolving landscape.

As the final conference of the EuSocialCit project, this gathering marked a significant milestone in advancing scholarly discourse and policy dialogue on European social citizenship.

TransEuroWorkS is a collaborative research initiative aimed at promoting interdisciplinary dialogue and knowledge exchange on labor market dynamics and social policy in Europe. With a focus on fostering innovative research and informing evidence-based policymaking, TransEuroWorkS serves as a vital hub for academics, policymakers, and practitioners across Europe and beyond.

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